Advice for allergy sufferers

Some general tips:

  • 1. Keep in mind that the symptoms are caused by the pollens of plants and grasses with anemophilous pollination..
  • 2. Avoid in the first months of the year the areas where there are numerous anemophilous pollination trees such as birch, hazel, alder, etc.; from April-May the meadows and cultivated fields and in late summer the uncultivated land.
  • 3. Avoid to going for the weekend in the countryside in the months during which the symptoms are most accentuated, Avoid trips in the central hours of the day especially on sunny days, with wind and dry weather.

  • 4. Take into account the pollination period of plants and herbs to which you are allergic to choose the right time and place for the holidays; choose holidays preferably in the period in which the symptoms are most accentuated by going to the sea or to the mountains.

  • 5. For walks prefer early morning or the late evening or the first hours after the rain.

  • 6. Sleep preferably with the windows closed or with air conditioning equipped with a filter HEPA; for air exchange open the windows between 10.00 PM and 04.00 AM or in the early hours of the morning.

  • 7. In the car, keep the windows closed and insert a HEPA filter into the ventilation circuit even if the vehicle is equipped with air conditioning.

  • 8. In the period in which the symptoms are more accentuated do not practice outdoor sports, but preferably indoors, such as gyms, indoor swimming pools, etc.

  • 9. Do not cut the grass during pollination periods and, when others cut the grass, do not stand nearby. In case of exposure use appropriate protective masks (Ffp2).