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    Department of Medicine and Surgery


Scientific manager:

 Prof. Cesira Isabella Maria Pasquarella


 Prof. Roberto Albertini


 Dr. Alessia Coluccia

   Dr. Mostafa Mohieldin Mahgoub Ibrahim

  What do we do
Outdoor aerobiological monitoring of pollen and fungal spores
Pollens bulletin and calendar

Monitoring of meteorological parameters
 (Work in progress)

Indoor aerobiological monitoring
Controlled contamination healthcare environments:
Classification, microbiological sampling of air (active and passive) and surfaces, particulate sampling of air
Conservation environments of cultural heritage:
Microbiological sampling of air (active and passive) of surfaces, particulate sampling of air
Living and working environments:
Microbiological sampling of air (active and passive) of surfaces, particulate sampling of air

Microclimate monitoring
  Main lines of research

 Standardization of biological sampling methods of air and surfaces (bacteria, fungi and viruses)
 Turbulent flow or unidirectional flow ventilation systems and air contamination in the operating room
Pollen concentrations and allergenic potency
 Valutazione delle variazioni delle stagionalità pollinica come indicatore di cambiamenti climatici
 Analysis of the spread of allergenic pollen from non-native weeds

Main air sampling instruments supplied:

  ▪ Hirst volumetric samplers (pollen and fungal spores)
VPPS2000 Lanzoni, outdoor (7 days) VPPS100 Lanzoni, indoor (1 day) Pollen trap Burkard, outdoor (7 days) Pollen trap Burkard, indoor (7 days)
  ▪ Filtration samplers

Chemvol (two stages) with Digitek high volume pump Airflow 300 T AMS Analitica Aircheck 2000 SKC, personal sampler
  ▪ Cyclonic sampler
C90M Cans      
  ▪ Wet wall air sampler
SASS 2300      
  ▪ Contaparticellare
754 Climet Lasair III 5100 Particle Measuring Systems    
  ▪ Microbiological samplers
DUOSAS PBI Lanzoni hree-stage Andersen sampler    
  ▪ Indoor microclimate physical parameter meters
Air Flow Meter DBM 620 Multifunctional probes